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Camprofile Gaskets TPL KG

TPL Technologies offers a range of Camprofile gaskets for the safe sealing of flanges and pressure vessels in a wide range of industrial applications to pressures of 400 Bar and temperatures to 550°C. Camprofile gaskets are offered in a range of profiles for standard DIN and ANSI/ASME Flange connections as well as special heat exchanger profiles with multiple cross bars. Camprofile gaskets are offered in a standard range of stainless steel materials with both graphite and PTFE sealing elements.

TPL Technologies offering two types of camprofile gaskets :

*TPL-KG-MF is suitable for Male/Female and Tonque/Groove flanges

Standart material on stock

Highly suitable for varying temperatures and pressures Less sensitive to assembly faults (inaccurate bolt tensioning).Suitable for both light and heavy designed flanges. When assembled the remaining thickness of the sealing material is extremely low (0.1 - 0.2mm) thus reducing leaks, fail rates and environmental pollution.Will not damage flange surface and is easily removed.

Camprofile cores are re-usable after cleaning, inspection, profile tracing and relayering with new sealing material. This is of particular interest in the case of costly heat exchanger gaskets when using Monel and other exotic materials. Reduces maintenance costs and leakage

* Gaskets with PTFE sealing elements are suitable to max 300oC

TPL Technologies camprofile gaskets are offered in accordance with DIN 2697 profile or in the optimized design profile indicated below.

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Spiral Wound Gaskets TPL SWG

Spiral Wound Gaskets are one of the most common metal gaskets used for flange sealing. They are available in various designs to suit a wide range of flange applications. A spiral wound gasket consists of thin metal windings wound together with a soft filler material such as graphite, PTFE placed between the windings. The final profile of the gasket when loaded remains energized by the internal fluid pressure and the combination of internal / external support rings.

TPL Technologies Spiral Wound gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20 and DIN Standards and are available in a wide range of alloys and sealing materials. TPL Technologies Spiral Wound Gaskets are also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes for a wide range of applications and services.The following represents standard profiles offered by TPL Technologies.

TPL-SWG-SG This is the most common profile and is used extensively for ANSI B.16.5 Flanges. It consists of metal windings and filler material combined with an external centering ring which also acts as a compression gauge ring to ensure optimum winding compression during assembly and operation. This external centering ring is manufactured from carbon steel and painted to prevent rusting. It can also be supplied in different alloys to meet customer requirements as needed. It is primarily intended for use on raised face or flat face flanges.

TPL-SWG -SGI This profile is essentially the same as the TPL -SG but includes in inner support ring to improve gasket performance. The inner support ring prevents inner buckling of the winding material under severe loading and thermal conditions. In addition the inner support to increases the maximum allowable gasket stress range to which the gasket can be applied. For improved performance and reliability TPL recommends the use of the AWC-SGI profile. The metallurgy of the inner ring is matched to that of the metal windings. The DIN Standard specifies all spiral wound gaskets with inner support rings and they are also more commonly specified today in the chemical industry on ANSI B16.5 Flanges. This profile is used on raised face and flat face flanges.

TPL-SWG -SR This profile consists of a winding and filler material only with additional support rings. It is recommended for Tonque and Groove (male/female) flanges.

TPL-SWG -SRIR This profile consists of a winding/filler (sealing element) combined with an inner support ring. It is more commonly used on flanges with recess and spigot (male/female) design where unlike tongue and groove flanges no inner support is provided for the windings.

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Chesterton Soft Gaskets Cutting Centre

The A.W. Chesterton Co. is a global manufacturer of sealing devices for the process industries. The company operates through a dense distribution network for servicing customers locally. As part of the strategy, Chesterton has identified local gasket cutting capability as a key component for future growth. via “ Certified Gasket Centre”.

TPL is equiped with ARISTOMAT TL plotter for fast soft gasket cutting

We are cutting soft gaskets from Chesterton 455, 457, 477, Duragraph materials.

Selco Seal / Chesterton Steel Trap Gaskets

The Steel Trap Gasket™ ( AWC. Chesterton trade mark) is a high performance gasket that is manufactured for critical flangeapplications in Refineries, Petrochemical, Power Generation and other industries.

Concentric, isolated convolutions in sheet stainless steel trap pure graphite against the flange face.

As the flange is closed, the convolutions are progressively flattened, thus trapping the graphitesealing media. Not only is a highly effective seal created against both faces of the flange, butthe graphite is protected against oxidizing atmospheres and corrosives.

Chesterton Steel Trap™ Gaskets can remain in place and will continue to seal effectively until removal is necessary for equipment servicing or repair.

The Steel Trap gasket is a differentiated replacement for Spiral Wound, Camprofile and Sheet Gaskets. Due to its reduced thickness it can replace sheet gaskets in pipe lines without modification.

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